Samba and Win2k AD authentication

Adam Williams awilliam at
Sun Sep 30 18:57:01 GMT 2001

>>>I need to all Linux File servers to my network.  We are using Win2k with
>>>AD for Exchange2k (the one system my management will not let go of).
>>>How can I keep a single point of authentication for all users, Linux or
>>>windows based workstations?
>>pam_ldap and nss_ldap claim to support AD 
>yes .. but you need the
>Services for Unix to be installed on the Windows2000 ADS
>see doc/README.SFU in the libnss_ldap-source
>I'm trying to get libnss_winbind and libnss_ldap together. I hope that it will work.

How about -
which looks like an alternative to the UNIX services package from M$.

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