NT into Samba domain?

Bob Purdon - Lists lists at aussie.nu
Sat Sep 29 02:03:02 GMT 2001

> I'm going to take a guess here, but I believe you need a valid add user
> script to get it to "Create account in domain".

That's what I'm about to try...

The documentation certainly suggests that, but it *appeared* to work
without it (but obviously failed at the login stage).

The first time I did this with NT, against the same server, I was able to
just enter the domain name and click OK, without using the 'Create account
in domain' option.  Not sure why I can't this time, but anyway...


Well, tried the add user script.  Ended up creating a script which wrote
some stuff to syslog and did nothing because Samba is under FreeBSD and
none of the FreeBSD tools like usernames with '$' in them.  So, I added
the user to the password file manually.

Did a 'Create account in domain' and it added the account to the smbpasswd
file, but I still get "The system cannot log you on to this domain because
the system's computer account in its primary domain is missing or the
password on that account is incorrect".  I believe I'm right in assuming
it's the password in the smbpasswd file it's using...

I think I'm going to run up another NT box and try that - if it works
straight out, I'll re-install my existing NT box.  Using an NT server as a
server isn't out of the question - the amount of time (and hence money)
I've wasted so far is well above what a new license of NT costs.

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