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David Mair dmair at
Fri Sep 28 14:25:10 GMT 2001


We are attempting to set up our own custom security template for a Samba
2.2.1a domain.  We are running RH7.1 on a P3 933Mhz machine with
approximately 300 users sharing 75 nodes.  All client nodes are running W2K
SP1 (moving to SP2).

We would like to set up a global security template that is provided by the
PDC and overrides the local template.  I'm not sure where exactly we would
need to place the template on the server for it do accomplish this.  Is
this possible?  I have seen some mailing list entries and other references
to this under searches on Google but nothing concrete thus far.

Our second problem is with user groups.  Curiously, when doing group
administration, we can see a partial list of domain users.  When performing
group/user admin tasks and looking at the available entries in the domain
we only see the first 17 entries of the smbpasswd file and the generic
"Domain Admins" and "Domain Users" groups but have no admin control over
these groups.  I've tried using both the W2K users and groups snap-in and
the old NT4 Usrmgr.exe apps and both have the same result.  I'm assuming
that the "Domain Users" covers all of the users in our smbpasswd file,
however, I'd like to be more sure than this.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



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