w2k terminal server and w2kpro roaming profiles

johnl at sotxlighthouse.org johnl at sotxlighthouse.org
Fri Sep 28 06:02:03 GMT 2001


I am running a linux2.4.6/samba 2.2.1a PDC with a w2k citrix 
terminal server as a member of the domain.

I had been logging in to the ts citrix desktop from a w98 machine, 
relatively uneventfully.

I've just got a w2kpro workstation, joined it to the domain, and logged 
in to the ts citrix desktop.

All the icons from my w2kpro wrkstn showed up on my ts desktop! 
Although they looked like 'dos' applications because the links were 
bad, when I clicked on them, they connected back to my w2kpro 
desktop and ran!

This is a feature I can do without. How can I keep the ts desktop 
from running my profile?

Thanks for any help you all may give.

John Francis Lee, IS Manager
South Texas Lighthouse for the Blind
1907 Leopard Street
PO Box 9697
Corpus Christi TX 78469
361.883.1041 fax
JohnL at sotxlighthouse.org

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