Server saved Profiles?!

Kauffmann, Andreas andreas.kauffmann at
Fri Sep 28 02:18:01 GMT 2001

Hy everybody out there!

I´ve got a Problem with samba-2.2.1a and SuSe Linux 7.2.

When I want to logon a user to my domain, the client always says "Your
Server saved Profile is not available"...

But I made a /home/[usr]/profile directory.
There is nothing in this directory, but at the first logon the client
should generate a profile or not?

I think that I have an error in my smb.conf with the netlogon path and

Here is the smb.conf.

I hope one of you will answer me with a corrected smb.conf :) because I
have to get the server runing until 2hours :)

Very Very thanks for your help!


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