samba to trust another windows domain

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Fri Sep 28 01:12:02 GMT 2001

Hi all,

thanks for the response about the sync password. I will work and try
the proporsals.

There is still another big problem and may be someone has a hint how 
to solve it: 

How can I make a Samba PDC trust another windows domain? 

We have two subnets:

One of them is a heterogeneous with Unix/Linux and Windows workstations. 
One of the Linux Workstation (call it PDC1) is the NIS-Server and is also  
the Samba Domain Controller. Let us call this Domain (NIS and Samba) DOMAIN1 .
Unix-NIS accounts and Samba Accounts are identical.
Let the Net-IP be

Another subnet is a pure windows (NT) domain. Call the domain controller PDC2
and the Domain DOMAIN2. Let the Net-IP be

Now a lot of users in DOMAIN2 like to log on the Unix-Workstaions in DOMAIN1.
The Windows-Machine in DOMAIN2 are used just as Access-Terminals to Unix-Work-
stations in DOMAIN1. Because of different departments DOMAIN1 and DOMAIN2 
cannot be merged to one domain.

Consequently windows users from DOMAIN2 liking to log on Unix-DOMAIN1 must have
two accounts. One in DOMAIN2 just to provide access to the windows machine. Then
another account in DOMAIN1 for Unix-Access (e.g. via ssh and eXeed).

Now this is a doulbe work with all its disavantages. The questionis:

How can I make users have only one account in DOMAIN1 but be able to log on DOMAIN2?
Can I solve this by making the Samba DOMAIN1 trust the NT DOMAIN2 (and vice versa).
How ? (i.e. How can I make the Samba DOMAIN1 trust the NT DOMAIN2?)

Thanks a lot for any hint


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