Windows virus/worm triggers Samba warnings

NITIN PANDE npande at
Thu Sep 27 20:48:02 GMT 2001

Thanks guys (and gals) out there.  All the references have been helpful.  I
think my Linux box is more secure now.
----->And I agree with David Atkinson in one of his posts. That when I say
guys, it's gender independent (least bit sexist!) ;)
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Greg Zartman wrote:

> On Wednesday 26 September 2001 13:57, Kourosh Ghassemieh wrote:
> > I've used McAfee's antivuris on Linux for a while and it works very well.
> > They do have a Linux product but it can be a bit hard to find on their
> > web site and their licensing is based on how many users access the
> > server so it can get pretty expensive pretty quickly.  You can download
> > a demo version from their web site.
> >
> For a Linux solution, the best scanning software I've run accross is RAV by
> GeCAD.

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