SMBD eating CPU time - I know it was talked about

Jeremy Allison jra at
Thu Sep 27 15:15:01 GMT 2001

On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 05:47:59PM -0400, Robert M. Martel wrote:
> 	I know others have seen the problem w/ one or a few smbd processes 
> eating up massive amount of CPU.  I was trying to look through the mailing list 
> archives, but there seems to be chunks of them missing - like most of the month 
> of August - so my search didn't turn up anything.
> 	So, can someone steer me in the right direction to correct this problem? 
>  I have 2.2.1a on Solaris 8, and the eating CPU happened just enough to be 
> annoying.

This is something we've fixed in the 2.2.2 CVS tree. It's a set of fixes
not easy to release as a simple patch to 2.2.1a.

I suggest you checkout the SAMBA_2_2 branch and use this at present.
We're getting this ready for release and so could do with feedback.



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