AW: usrmgr in samba 2.2.1

Uwe Strahmann uwe.strahmann at
Thu Sep 27 07:12:04 GMT 2001

I'm using W2K SP1 as platform and using Suse linux 7.2 with the samba 2.2.1a
from the suse ftp server.
UsrMgr is Version 4.0.1371.1. Error message appears only when I am connected
to domain as domain user - when I'm using a local account and have no
connection to domain everything works fine. Error message appears on start
up and /or selecting the domain with the samba PDC.
bye Uwe

>Hmm, from what platform are you running usrmgr?  I'm just trying to get a
>hint of what could be going wrong.   And what were you doing in usrmgr
>you got the message?  Looking at a user, choosing a domain, just starting
>it up...?

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