File Locking problem (I think)

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Thu Sep 27 00:04:04 GMT 2001

Thanks for your help guys. I guess I'll have to try upgrading to the most
recent stable release.

-- And to pre-empt what I know some are going to say, by guys (in this
context) I am making a gender independent reference to all the people on the

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I'm doing exactly the same thing - but I have never had a problem.  I
havn't seen your smb.conf but all I have on my share is some thing like:

comment = example share
path = /mnt/somewhere
group = users
write list = user1
public = yes
writable = no
printable = no
create mask = 0644
directory mask = 0775

I can copy files over and then do what I like.  And others can do what
they like.  I'm running samba 2.2.1a.

Adrian Head

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> Because I want other people to be able to get in and modify the file
> names
> and file contents without having to give them accounts to login with.
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> why u make it so difficult?
> why don´t make this share with apache as a webshare? :-)
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> Betreff: File Locking problem (I think)
> This is a problem I have been struglling with for some months, so I
> thought
> I'd throw it out there to see if anyone can help.
> I have a RedHat 7.1 box (but I have had this under earlier versions)
> running
> samba 2.0.7 (or thereabouts) which has a share called music. Under
> various
> folders I have various MP3 repositories and video clips, etc... which
> are
> world readable (ie public = yes). I have configured an access list
> ("valid
> users=@music"; "write list=@music") and confirmed that the share is
> writable
> by connecting a creating and deleteing folders and creating and
> deleteing
> text files (through the windows explorer interface). The text files
> created
> are able to be modified an indefinite number of times in Notepad and
> then
> deleted at the end. The problem I have is that when I copy videos off
> CDs
> (which is currently my only source of music videos, because I wouldn't
> want
> to be doing anything illegal ;-) ) they copy onto the share without
> problems, but then they cannot be renamed or deleted. 
> The problem possibly stems from the owner being set to root:music (my
> user
> id, "david", is in the "music" group). I have found that this problem
> doesn't occur (for the "david" user) when the permissions are
> david:music,
> but I would prefer to be able to have users other than myself be able
> to
> modify song names. I have been able to telnet into my file server and
> modify
> the file names (both as "root" and as "david") which indicates the
> file
> sytem permissions (I have tried both 775 and 664) are correct.
> As all the permisions appear to be correct on the UNIX side my
> thinking
> is
> that this is possibly a file locking thing. I'm not to sure how Samba
> tracks
> file locks, but it is wierd that Samba would lock a file as soon as it
> is
> loaded onto a share.
> If anyone has any suggestions or would like me to clarify/elaborate on
> any
> of the areas, please feel free to either broadcast the
> question/request/suggestion or contact me directly. Thanks in advance
> (and
> well done for making it thorugh my problem description!)
> Regards
> David Atkinson

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