Windows virus/worm triggers Samba warnings

Kourosh Ghassemieh kourosh at
Wed Sep 26 11:05:06 GMT 2001

I've used McAfee's antivuris on Linux for a while and it works very well.
They do have a Linux product but it can be a bit hard to find on their
web site and their licensing is based on how many users access the
server so it can get pretty expensive pretty quickly.  You can download
a demo version from their web site.

Hope this helps.

At 10:47 AM 9/26/2001 +0530, NITIN  PANDE wrote:

>This could be that Nimda or Sircam virus.  What is the role of your 
>infected NT Server?
>Sircam sends out e-mail to other guys.
>Also, on similar topic, I was wondering if someone could provide these 
>worm signatures.
>Each of these virus/worm leave a fingerprint on the files.  Maybe I could 
>scan the files
>on Samba server searching for these fingerprints on users shares.  Norton 
>Antivirus has
>a virus scanner for Solaris only.  Linux and other guys have to depend on 
>M$ box to scan
>them.  Any suggestions,
>TIA, Ciao,
>Nitin Pande
>Mail Administrator

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