usrmgr in samba 2.2.1

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It looks like the best way is to remove the RPM version keeping my config
files and then moving to CVS.

Thanks for all your help !!



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I just realized that the document that I sent you doesn't tell you how to
actually download a CVS tag.

Here is what you do.

1.  cd /usr/local/src

2.  Run the command:
cvs -d :pserver:cvs at login

3.  When prompted for a password, type in cvs.

4.  Run the command:
cvs -d :pserver:cvs at co -r SAMBA_2_2 samba

5.  This will create a directory called samba, containing the current
tree and a bunch of samples, help files, and documents.  From here, you can

follow the document I sent you.

One final not, if you want to update you CVS tag at a later time, you can
the command:  cvs update -d -P  (after you are in the /usr/local/src and
input the command in line 2 above).  This command will update only the
changed files in the cvs tree.  Doing this will save you alot of time and
less load on the samba download servers.

Good luck.


This will update only those files that have changed

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