Win2Ksp1 & Samba 2.2.1a

Jon Naumann Jon.Naumann at
Wed Sep 26 04:43:02 GMT 2001


I have used Samba 2.0.x & NT4 for 2 years successfully...

I have just constructed a new Samba Server (2.2.1a) on a RedHat Linux
7.1 server.

My SMB.CONF file looks like :
 os level = 64
 preferred master = yes
 domain master = yes
 local master = yes
 security = user
 encrypt passwords = yes
 domain logons = yes
 log level = 3
 log file = /opt/Samba/log.%m
 max log size = 512
 debug timestamp = yes
 large readwrite = Yes
 logon path = \\server\profile\%U
 logon script = logon.cmd
 logon home = \\server\home
 logon drive = Z:
 path = /opt/Samba/netlogon
 guest ok = Yes
 read only = no
 guest ok = yes
 create mode = 0600
 directory mode = 0700
 writeable = yes

NT4 machines join the domain & users can log on & off with no problems.

W2K machines join the domain just fine.  Users can log on just fine.
But when W2K users log-off, get the error message :
   Windows cannot copy C:\Documuments & Settings\username\Templates to
   DETAIL: The system cannot find the specified path.

Yet when logged in as a user, user can issue copy command to copy files
using above path.

Can anyone shed some light here ?

Is there some way to just disable roaming profiles ?

Thanks in advance,

Jon Naumann

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