File Locking problem (I think)

DavidAtkinson at DavidAtkinson at
Wed Sep 26 02:05:03 GMT 2001

This is a problem I have been struglling with for some months, so I thought
I'd throw it out there to see if anyone can help.

I have a RedHat 7.1 box (but I have had this under earlier versions) running
samba 2.0.7 (or thereabouts) which has a share called music. Under various
folders I have various MP3 repositories and video clips, etc... which are
world readable (ie public = yes). I have configured an access list ("valid
users=@music"; "write list=@music") and confirmed that the share is writable
by connecting a creating and deleteing folders and creating and deleteing
text files (through the windows explorer interface). The text files created
are able to be modified an indefinite number of times in Notepad and then
deleted at the end. The problem I have is that when I copy videos off CDs
(which is currently my only source of music videos, because I wouldn't want
to be doing anything illegal ;-) ) they copy onto the share without
problems, but then they cannot be renamed or deleted. 

The problem possibly stems from the owner being set to root:music (my user
id, "david", is in the "music" group). I have found that this problem
doesn't occur (for the "david" user) when the permissions are david:music,
but I would prefer to be able to have users other than myself be able to
modify song names. I have been able to telnet into my file server and modify
the file names (both as "root" and as "david") which indicates the file
sytem permissions (I have tried both 775 and 664) are correct.

As all the permisions appear to be correct on the UNIX side my thinking is
that this is possibly a file locking thing. I'm not to sure how Samba tracks
file locks, but it is wierd that Samba would lock a file as soon as it is
loaded onto a share.

If anyone has any suggestions or would like me to clarify/elaborate on any
of the areas, please feel free to either broadcast the
question/request/suggestion or contact me directly. Thanks in advance (and
well done for making it thorugh my problem description!)

David Atkinson

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