Another upgrade problem 2.2.19 --> 2.4.9

Lyubomir Velkov lubo at
Tue Sep 25 22:51:03 GMT 2001

Hi all

After the upgrade RedHat7.0 --> 7.1 (and 2.2.19 --> 2.4.9 ) , compiling
and installing new samba 2.2.1a (from src.rpm package) I decided to move
to new quota format also. I used quota utilities (convertquota) to
convert quota.user to aquota.user but it seems samba didn't noticed the
change - all users can see and use all disk space without compling with
I also noticed that quota utilities didn't detect and use new quota
(aquota.user) except if I expressly point that ( -F vfsv0 ).
(I've compiled the kernel with quota support)
What's wrong here?
Plese  help ( users own my hard!)  

Lyubomir Velkov
University of Rousse

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