trivial problem with MACHINE.SID location in 2_2

Dave Stevenson dave.stevenson at
Tue Sep 25 03:58:09 GMT 2001

Sorry if this has been fixed already, but haven't seen it in archives...

Samba configured as a domain controller creates MACHINE.SID in the root
directory as "privateMACHINE.SID" rather than private/MACHINE.SID (
default location and prefix) Possible missing a "/"  in the default
value of  the private directory? or when generating location of

My guess is that the problem is trivial and lies in line of
pdb_generate_sam_sid(void) in
machine_sid.c in the passdb directory.

line 80,81  pstrcat(sid_file,"MACHINE.SID") should be

(Dont forget to keep your original privateMACHINE.SID file contents)

Samba 2_2  CVS ( 2.2.2-pre ?)   19-9-01 download
built with gcc 2.95.2 under Solaris2.8 (Ultra 10)

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