Symantec Ghost cann't join Samba-PDC domain

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Tue Sep 25 03:01:06 GMT 2001

>>I have read that using Ghost in some particular mode (broadcast, I
>>guess) this could  be faster, What do I need to do this?

Well, the way I used to do it was to use Ghost Multicast server (I think
that was the name). YOu had to purchase a special version (or key to unlock
the feature) that allowed you to Multicast ghost images. I used it several
times a couple years ago. I don't really know about the newer versions as I
now work for a much smaller company, but I think the Enterprise Edition of
Ghost includes that feature.

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I'm using Ghost to mirror an image from a samba server over 14 computers,
but when I do it in parallel with all machines, it takes up to 7seven
hours. I have read that using Ghost in some particular mode (broadcast, I
guess) this could  be faster, What do I need to do this?

Thank you in advance.

On Mon, 24 Sep 2001, Mark Haney wrote:

> Here's my suggestion from someone who has done close to a thousand of
> types of installs using ghost: Do not have the machine in the domain when
> you ghost it. Add it later.  This way you guarantee that it works.
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> I've got a Redhat 7.1 server running samba-2.2.1a serving as a PDC for
> about 100 machines in teaching labs at a university.
> In general, the server works well. It is very stable and has no problem
> supporting 400+ users. As an added bonus, it also serves as a firewall
> and a dhcp server and provides the students with ssh/scp access to their
> home directories.
> The one major problem I'm having involves using Symantec Ghost 7
> Enterprise edition to image the Windows 2000 clients in the labs. I
> won't spend too much time explaining how this works, as only those
> familiar with Ghost will likely have any suggestions or care to read on.
> What happens is: when Ghost 7 Console re-images a client machine, it
> attempts to re-add it to the domain using a name and password given to
> Ghost when it is installed. This user exist on the Samba-PDC server, and
> has permission to create domain accounts.
> When the freshly imaged client machine comes back up, with the correct
> name and thinking it is in the correct domain, it gives an error of,
> roughly, "Failed to join domain. Bad parameter". I hit "ok" and the
> machine reboots. When the client comes up again, it still thinks it is
> in the domain. If I attempt to login to the domain, it says roughly,
> "Unable to logon to domain. Computer account is nonexistant or password
> is wrong". Of course, all of these machines already have accounts on the
> Samba-PDC server.
> The solution, up to this point, has been to remove each machine from the
> domain, reboot, put each machine back into the domain, providing a name
> and password for the samba-pdc that can do that, and reboot again. You
> can see how this could get old with 100 clients.
> I have seen Ghost 7 successfully put machines back into a domian that is
> run by a Win2K server, so it is not purely a matter of Ghost being
> broken.
> Questions you might be able to help me with:
> 1. How is Ghost attempting to re-add these machines to the domain? If it
> is attempting to use user manager for domain style commands, I know that
> Samba-PDC does not support that. If it is doing something else, what is
> that?
> 2. Is Samba logging the attempts by Ghost to rejoin these machines to
> the domain? If so, where?
> 3. Is anyone doing this successfully? In other words, is it just me/my
> server?
> 4. Does anyone have any solutions/work-arounds for getting Ghost 7 and a
> Samba-PDC to play nice -- besides moving to a Win2K Server and just
> using the Samba machine as a file server?
> Any help or thoughts are much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Matt Lessem

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