Samba and Windows 2000

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Tue Sep 25 01:46:09 GMT 2001

Hi there!

We have Samba 1.9.18p1 installed on our HP-Unix ver. 10.2. It was installed
three years ago and it has been working successfully since then. In our
network we have NT 4.0 and W2000 Clients and Servers, besides our Samba
server. We have just started to use W2000 and we have discovered that both
clients and servers is not able to connect to our Samba server. With NT 4.0
SP3 there was a similar problem, but by changing the registry, it could
connect. I have been searching and looking for some information on this
problem at Samba's web page, but could not find anything. It might be that
our version of Samba is to old as well, but I am not quite sure. So if
anyone knows.........

Another question I have is how an upgrade of Samba is working. Will it be
replacing the existing version, or will it upgrade it. So if anyone know
this as well, I would be very greateful.

In advance, thank you very very much!!!!!!!

Best regards,

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