Umlaut in Domainname

Piet Pelz ppz at
Mon Sep 24 06:57:04 GMT 2001

Hello List,

does anyone know how to join a SAMBA File Server in a domain that contains a "Umlaut" such as ü or ö?

What I did:

On the NT server added the computer sambaserv.
On the Samba server joined the domain: smbpasswd -j drüber -r NTSERV

The Samba Server generated a .mac file with the Umlaut: DRÜBER.SAMBASERV.mac

However, the computer doe not appear in network neighbourhood. It appears somewhere with strange characters in place of the Umlaut.

In smb.conf the entry is 


Any idea but to change the domainname?

Thanks a lot

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