winbind & WIN2k PDC

Andreas Boeckler abo at
Mon Sep 24 03:50:04 GMT 2001

Hi all,

i have a tested winbind-installation that works fine against a samba-DC.
But when i setup the smb.conf to use the WIN2k-Domain, i become desperate:

1. joining the WIN2k-Domain via smbpasswd -j DOMAIN works
2. wbinfo -t tells me, that the secret is bad 
3. wbinfo -n <name> returns valid SID's for existent usernames
	and non-existent usernames get a S-0-0 8, so it works
4. getent passwd, wbinfo -u, wbinfo -g fail with NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED in the winbindd
	debug messages
5. wbinfo -a succeeds with _EVERY_ combination of user%password ( wrong users and passwords, too )

i'm using the winbind-binaries and libs from the HEAD-branch

Any suggestions?



Andreas Böckler				netlands edv consulting GbR
mailto:abo at

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