mount -t smbfs ... or equivalent

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Unless you have selected user-based authentication, and have setup that user
on the Win98 Share, It is likely that the Win98 machine is being confused by
the username. Have you set a password for the share ? If you have, you must
use the password you set, not your own, and the username becomes irrelivant.
If there is no password, try using mount -t smbfs -o username=me,guest
//winbox/share /mnt. The first step though should be to find out how the
Win98 box is authenticating, and then make sure you have permission. If the
share you are talking about is \\machine\c$ then you must have the remote
admin password, or be in the remote admin list (second tab of three in the
Passwords control-panel applet) and you must have at least the file sharing
service installed. The printer sharing is optional. This is done through the
Network Control-Panel.

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I have a Redhat 6.2 server as anode on a Windows NT 4.0 network.  I can
successfully mount a share on the NT server using # mount -t smbfs -o
username=foo,password=bar //ntserver_box/share /redhat_box/directory.
However, I fail to successfully mount a share from a Windows 98 node using
the same structure (i.e. # mount -t smbfs -o username=foo,password=bar
//win98_box/share /redhat_box/other_directory).

Can someone give me some insight here?

g.i. geek

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