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eirvine eirvine at
Fri Sep 21 04:37:02 GMT 2001

OK Paul,

Paul Blackaller wrote:
> Problem:
> After installing samba2.2.1a onto a Solaris 2.8 box having downloaded the
> binaries from the net, I can see it seems to be working correctly by running
> smbclient -U% -L localhost.  It comes back with the info I would expect.
> However, when I try & connect from an NT4 (service pack 6) workstation I get
> the messages "<hostname> is not accessible - The account is not authorized
> to login from this workstation".  I have no security restrictions in my
> smb.conf file in terms of host allow, etc.  When I turn on password
> encryption it won't even accept my password - "invalid user/password"
> message.
> Can anyone out there help me?  There are 2 network cards in the Solaris box
> and I think I've enabled both of them in the smb.conf.  I've tried pretty
> much everything I can think of & I'd appreciate any new ideas.

Decide if you want to use encrypted or unencrypted passwords.

If you are using encrypted passwords (The Windows out of the box
default for a while now) then you will need to add the user to
the encrypted password file (this is different from shadow and
passwd) on the server. man smbpasswd.

If you are using unenencrypted passwords, you don't need to have
an encrypted password file. However, you will need to change a
registry setting on your Windows box and reboot.

check out


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