New Samba install

Paul Blackaller Paul.Blackaller at
Fri Sep 21 02:27:03 GMT 2001


After installing samba2.2.1a onto a Solaris 2.8 box having downloaded the
binaries from the net, I can see it seems to be working correctly by running
smbclient -U% -L localhost.  It comes back with the info I would expect.
However, when I try & connect from an NT4 (service pack 6) workstation I get
the messages "<hostname> is not accessible - The account is not authorized
to login from this workstation".  I have no security restrictions in my
smb.conf file in terms of host allow, etc.  When I turn on password
encryption it won't even accept my password - "invalid user/password"

Can anyone out there help me?  There are 2 network cards in the Solaris box
and I think I've enabled both of them in the smb.conf.  I've tried pretty
much everything I can think of & I'd appreciate any new ideas.


Paul Blackaller
Technical Analyst
Tel: 01582 845087
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