Weird Folder Looping

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That problem relates to Symbolic References. You can turn off this behaviour
with a directive like follow symbolic link = no, but you will have to check
the manual. I have this behaviour on my servers too, and I mostly just
ignore it, but you can either disable it or you can tel your users not to
try going down all these directories.

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Hi. Has anyone seen the behavior of having explorer folder traversal
loop? By this I mean, directories repeat over and over.
As an example, say the samba server has a share on it called documents.
I'll navigate to a file 3 or 4 directories beneath documents. Let's say
the path looks like:
As I expand the tree, it can drop back to the root of documents, adding
ghost directories, like:
It's flaky. Has anyone seen this? Not all of our win2k boxes produce
this problem, all are at sp2. I'm using msdfs with samba 2.2.1a


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