Winbind on Samba 2.2.2-pre

Michels, Gustavo [EES/BR] gustavo.michels at
Thu Sep 20 05:24:06 GMT 2001

Hello! :-)
> Tried to fix /etc/pam.d/login .../passwd and .../samba to enable
> domain logins, but does not work correctly yet..
> According to my "messages" log, pam_winbind authorises the user,
> but the user is not known to the underlying authentication arch.
> (I presume this may mean that my pam-settings are screwed up)

You don't need to change anything in /etc/pam.d if you won't have domain
accounts logging into the samba box. Getent passwd should return the domain
users without any changes in the pam files.

Have you added the 'winbind' entry in /etc/nsswitch.conf? Should be:

passwd:	files winbind
group:	files winbind

If you still have problems, change the 'name resolution order' entry in
smb.conf to 'bcast' (of course your samba server and nt pdc/bdc must be on
the sabe subnet for this to work).


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