Problem with Samba server

NITIN PANDE npande at
Wed Sep 19 14:43:02 GMT 2001

Did you configure your SGI box as a DC?  Another thing, you will have to start
smbd and nmbd in order to get the Samba working.  Lastly, please do post your
smb.conf file so guys here can see what's goin on..
Nitin :)
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Vyenkatesh.Khataokar at wrote:

> Hi,
>         I have Samba Server 2.0.5 installed on IRIX 6.5. All the clients are
> accessing it properly which are windows NT 4.0 clients. But at the same time
> it is broadcasting the samba server as a logon server for some Windows NT
> 4.0 clients. So some of the clients are trying to logon onto that IRIX samba
> server and in that process they are getting disconnected from windows nt
> domain controller and I have to do NLTEST reset for those workstations to
> get connected to windows nt domain controller.
>         I cant start the SMBD and NMBD services as it effects some of the NT
> clients.
>         What can I do shall I send u the smb.conf file I am usning.?
>         And how do I transfer the UNIX users from normal UNIX passwd file to
> SMBPASSWD file with all the things intact I mean        passwords also. So
> that for samba useage the sane UNIX user don't have to change the passwd
> again for samba.
> Kind Regards,
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