Quickbooks Pro corrupt files

Greg J. Zartman, P.E. greg at leiinc.com
Wed Sep 19 10:57:05 GMT 2001

This question was posted on the e-smith linux forum by Gerald Jensen.

I have had two separate instances of what appears to be a samba failure of
some sort. In each instance the Quickbooks data file, being accessed by
three to five users, began to experience corruption when the file size
reached about 100mb. In each instance I checked the NICs, upgraded to
10/100mb routers, etc. The problem didn't go away until I moved the database
off the 4.1.2 e-smith server to a Windows 2KP workstation and shared the
folder. The server has adequate disk space. It was also being used as a
print and web server. I really hate to consider going back to NT. Any ideas
would be appreciated.


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