Semaphore Timeout Expired

John Marsteen john at
Tue Sep 18 10:41:04 GMT 2001

Greetings all,

Many thanks to everyone for their suggestions on getting our Win2k boxes to
share with our Linux box.  

My new question:  While everything was working great yesterday (was!), we
came in this morning and could not re-establish a connection to the Linux
shared drive(s).  Nothing changed between last night and this morning.
However, we now get a message stating:

'The semaphore timeout period has expired.'

I understand this is something more related to Win2k or Samba, but it is
unclear as to which.  I've read a couple of other messages here that have
expressed the same issue, but no responses followed.  Just as the other
reader tried the ifup eth1 command, it does not seem to work in our case.  

Has ANYONE had any experience with or luck getting around this issue.  Is
there a fix??

Many thanks in advance.

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