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I have the same problem.
But is it possible to convert users and passwords from passwd to smbpasswd


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On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Kristyan Osborne wrote:

> Hi,
> In my company we are currently converting 95 machines to 2000. We are
> encrypted passwords and I wish to add my current users to the smbpasswd
> without changing their passwords.
> All users have a local Unix account with password. Is there any way or is
> there a utility to add the user and the password from the password in the
> /etc/passwd file to the /private/smbpasswd file.
> Any help would be appreciated.

You can migrate user over with the 'unix password sync' Samba
configuration directive:

   unix password sync (G)
       This boolean parameter controlls whether Samba attempts to
       synchronise  the  UNIX password with the SMB password when
       the encrypted  SMB  password  in  the  smbpasswd  file  is
       changed.  If this is set to true the 'passwd program' pro-
       gram is called *AS ROOT* - to allow the new UNIX  password
       to  be set without access to the old UNIX password (as the
       SMB password has change code has  no  access  to  the  old
       password  cleartext, only the new). By default this is set
       to false.

       See also 'passwd program', 'passwd chat'

                unix password sync = False

                unix password sync = True

After everyone has migrated, you can turn it off and use smbpasswd only
from then on out.

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