win2k joining a samba 2.2.1a PDC domain

Dave-O myca at
Mon Sep 17 15:39:02 GMT 2001

Hi all,

I've been on this for weeks.  I have the machine accounts made, smb.conf
fleshed out with everything the docs, howto's and emails on this list
have to offer.

However, even with a user in the domain admin group, I still get incorrect
username or password from the win2k client and smbd logging that it
couldn't open the smbpasswd file because of permission denied.

so, some suggest to create a smbpasswd root account and use that just
to join the domain.  When I do that (and remove root from the invalid
users list in smb.conf) I get an improper network password complaint
from win2k and smbd logs that it couldn't be come the requested user!

I know I'm just about there, but I'm missing one tiny detail.  any suggestions
are welcome.  just how did *you* finally get it to work?

thanks guys,

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