Samba 2.2.1a in WinNT domain

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Mon Sep 17 10:18:07 GMT 2001


You have two directions, either use winbind or smbpasswd file. Using the
first one, you pass all the authentication process directly to the NT DCs
using linux PAM. The other way you still authenticate the users with the NT
DCs but you must create a local account for each user that will be connected
to the samba server.

Look the FAQs and HOW-Tos for more info. Also searching the mail list
archives ( is a good starting point. Then you come
back with problems you may encounter.


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 I'm trying to add a RH 7.1 Linux/Samba PC into a WinNT domain.  The PDC is
WinNT and I would like for all users to be validated on that PC or two other
BDC's.  The Samba box is a member of the Domain but it is inaccessible by
any of the NT/98 servers or workstations.  I have tried using the "net use"
command to map a drive to the Linux share but that doesn't work either. It
returns an error.  The Samba box can be seen through MS explorer but cannot
access it.  A "ping" to the box returns no errors.  Can someone point me in
the direction of where the problem may lie. Thanks, Bill Markley Network
Admin. Datalux Corp.

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