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Greg J. Zartman, P.E. greg at
Mon Sep 17 07:56:03 GMT 2001


No, I haven't.  In fact, I'm staying with a CVS from August until the
problem is fixed.

I haven't spent a great deal of time messing with this to see if I could fix
it on my end.  Maybe it's just a matter of rejoining the Win9x machine to
the domain, thus recreating the machine account on the PDC???

In any event, it would be nice to hear from the developers on this one.
Something was definitely "broken" in the past month.


Greg J. Zartman, P.E.

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I posted what I believe is that exact same problem here:

Maybe that URL will span 2 lines, i'm not sure.

Anyway, have you found what causes this? What I find, is that from Win9x to
NT4 does not work, from NT4 to NT4 does not work, but Win9x to Win9x does
work. I posted in that message the errors that show up in the log files.

Have you found a way to fix this, or is it just a bug in the CVS code for
the last few weeks?


List:     samba-ntdom
Subject:  Win 98 machines can't access shares with 2.2.1pre CVS download
from today
From:     "Greg J. Zartman, P.E." <greg at>
Date:     2001-09-14 16:02:39

I downloaded and installed Samba 2.2.2pre from CVS this morning and my win98
machines can't access any shares except those on the samba machine itself.
Everything works fine if I go back to a CVS pull from about Aug. 5 (my most
recent download next to this morning).

Has something changed?

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