Windows XP and Samba 2.2.1a: perhaps found a solution

Holger.Pandel at Holger.Pandel at
Mon Sep 17 03:38:01 GMT 2001

Hi all,

it seems, that the messages about "marshalling" in the samba log files when 
trying to authenticate winxp against samba pdc could be avoided, if you 
turn OFF the following option:

In Computer Managament:
Local Security Policy
-> Local Policies
---> Security Options
-----> There must be an entry(I only have the german test version), which 
sounds like "Domain Member: Digitally encrypt secure channel data(always)." 
In the german version it is called "Domänenmitglied: Daten des sicheren 
Kanals digital verschlüsseln (immer)".
I switched it to "Disabled" and my domain logon possibility was back again.

Hope that helps.


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