Subject: Samba and PDCs

Ken Willett kwillett at
Fri Sep 14 19:10:02 GMT 2001

There may be multiple solutions to this, but one of these should work:

1. Create an account named "root" with your root password, as a samba
account. Then, when asked for the administrator username and password, use

2. Create an account named "administrator" with your Windows 2000
administrator password, as a Samba account, and use administrator as the
login when joining the domain.

> I have build the latest version of samba as of 13 September 2000, it is
> running on RH7.1 and everything is fine regarding the sharing of files
> When I try to run it as a PDC and try to log onto the domain using a 2kpro
> client I get the following error when trying to use root to log in.
> 'The account is a user account, Use your global user account or local user
> account to access this server'
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Mike

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