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James W. Beauchamp jbeauchamp7 at
Fri Sep 14 18:52:02 GMT 2001

did you create accounts for each of your users on the Linux box?  did you
create machine accounts for each of the machines?  This is how
authentication takes place in the absence of either Samba as a PDC or
another machine acting as a PDC.  You must have encrypted passwords as well
(which you said you do).

"net view" isn't going to work because you are not authenticated yet and as
a result are not authorized to view the box contents.


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I'm sure this thread has been re-hashed hundreds of times, but I, too, have
been stumped by Samba.  I'm new to Linux, Samba, and this list, but am
trying to utilize our Red Hat Linux box as a file server (only) for now on
our Win2K network.  It doesn't need to be our PDC.  I've been all through
the samba.conf file with no luck.  Those of us in the workgroup can see the
Linux server in the Network Neighborhood, but when trying to access it, we
consistently get "\\servername is not accessible."  We're running DHCP if
that makes any difference.

I can ping the Linux server, I can see the shared folders when I run the
smbclient -L command, but no matter what we do, we can't access that folder.
I've tried enabling encrypted passwords and have set up encrypted passwords,
but still with no luck.  We've gone through the "Diagnosing Your Samba
Server" document, and everything looks great until TEST #8 (net view
\\LINUXSERVER).  We get the same "Network Path Not Found" error.

Can anyone offer a suggestion?  My apologies if this thread has appeared yet
again.  I've read through many similar threads - but if there is one similar
to my own problem that I  have missed, a simple link to that thread would be

Many thanks.


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