User account with Win2k as client on Samba domain

philippe.besson at philippe.besson at
Fri Sep 14 02:38:01 GMT 2001


I have install Samba 2.2.1a on a SuSe 7.0 dual processor server.

After create an account machine in Linux user and add it on smbpasswd, I have log on the Samba domain with my client Win2K (in French version)and that OK

I have log on Local domain on my W2K worstation and copy my profil to the share directory on samba server.
When I log to samba domain the login works, the profil is loaded and I get Dr. Watson activated. Only thing possible now is Ctrl-Alt-Del and logoff session.

I have deleted the server profil, it is ok to login but many applications do not work or can not be install.

To be able to work on domain with my w2k wks, I have added the domain user in the local administrator group.

In that situation everithing works wellbut the problem is that all users are local administrator.

I have try to add the domain user on other groups (like User or Power user) without success.

When on w2k I do a "net domaingroup /DOMAIN", I get a list of groups with group names "like" windows goups, In English.

Is it Language problem ?

On server samba it self, I do not find any groups with these names in Linux groups or other config files of samba.

Must I found it in source files, modified and recompil ???

I have looking on different site about samba and linux but unsuccessfull and I hope that one of you have a solution to help me.

Regards and sorry for my poor english.

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