Fw: Prob joining W2k Domain after trying with XP

Robert Poirier coolcpu at globetrotter.net
Thu Sep 13 21:41:05 GMT 2001

Hi all,
        First, my Samba PDC is accepting well Domain logon from W2K machines.  The problem is that I tryed to log to my domain with a Windows XP machine (called "Athlon") that was supposed to be replacing a W2K machine (for testing purposes an that is having teh same machine name "Athlon").  As others already mentionned in this mailling list there is a problem with XP.  Up to there NP.  The problem came up when I wanted rejoin the W2K machine ( As mentionned earlier it as the same machine name as the XP box),  I have an error message that I will try to translate the best I can ( since it's in french originally ):

                    An error occured while trying to join domain service   # (witch service is my domain name)
                    The given Identification Informations are conflicting with an existent reference set

Any hints?

sorry for the first message it looks like it was a little screed ...
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