Files in /tmp

NITIN PANDE npande at
Thu Sep 13 20:23:04 GMT 2001

They are same as those "tmp" files created by windoze.  I had deleted those
files off my Samba server, and luckily everything was ok.  However, I would
suggest that you first move those files to another place and see if something
goes wrong.
Nitin :)
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Kristyan Osborne wrote:

> Hi,
> After upgrading from 2.2.0a to 2.2.1a I have noticed that there are hundreds
> of files being created in the /tmp directory on the samba server box acting
> as a PDC.
> I have win2k professional workstations connecting to the server.
> The files are
> out_api_wkssvc_rpc_*
> SMBWrite*
> SMBtrans*
> can anyone offer any suggestions??
> Cheers
> Kris
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