Win2KSP2 + hotfixes (pre SP3) - Joining Samba domain RH7.2

Venkat Manakkal venkat at
Fri Nov 30 08:23:01 GMT 2001

Hello Folks,

I am not a list member, but I thought that this will be useful information 
to those running Samba PDCs.

I just got a new Dell Win2K box with SP2 installed, I ran all the critical 
updates from windowsupdate and tried to add the computer:

I got this error "The following error occurred when joining domain 
DOMAINNAME: The account used is a computer account, Use your global user 
account or local user account to access this server". When I checked the 
PDC, the Linux machine user existed, as well as the smbpasswd user - with 
one difference - the SMB user password was set to "NO PASSWORD". Manually 
ading the machine did not help.

Puzzled, since I had Win2K SP2 adding to the domain, I messed around with 
settings on the Samba server to no avail. Then I tested adding an NT 
machine with my original settings on the Samba PDC and it worked smoothly.

I then checked adding another machine which had been running stand alone 
with all the critical updates - this machine would not add also.

Checking the added pre-SP3 hotfixes on the new Dell box - I removed the one 
and only hotfix (and darn, I did not write down the Q number). The machine 
added smoothly after that. So I went back to the other stand alone box 
(which had a ton of hot fixes since it was patched via windows update from 
the base Win2K), I selected the hotfix that looked closest to the number I 
thought I remembered: Q 285851. Reboot, and then the machine added fine. I 
re-updated the machines via critical update, and they run fine.

Remember that you need to remove both the Linux machine user "userdel 
machine$" and the corresponding line in smbpasswd before re-trying the 
machine add.

Reading through the list, it looks like we have some more Windoze 
incompatibilities as microsoft continues to fix and break things. I suspect 
some of the other errors reported on the list are due to having too 
up-to-date a Win2K distro.

Hope someone finds this useful.

Best regards,


Venkat Manakkal
Manakkal & Associates, Inc.
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