Multiple Domains and WINS

amoote at amoote at
Thu Nov 29 11:52:04 GMT 2001

Here's the lowdown folks:

I have a bunch of servers running Samba with NTDOM emulation.  I have 3
offices all connected through an IP VPN and each office's Samba Domain
points to one central WINS server.
I am wondering if there is a more efficient manner where I can use 3 WINS
servers and have them see one another?  I want Network Neighbourhood to
report all of the domains (worksgroups) regardless of geographical
location.  I was playing around with the wins proxy parameter but I think I
have confused myself.

I was thinking the best way to configure it would be to have each of the
remote networks reference their local system as PRIMARY WINS and have those
WINS servers reference one another.  Is this possible?

If you've stayed with me through this, you'll clearly see why I am getting
mixed up.  Sorry if I did the same to you.

Thanks in advance.


Alan B. Moote
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