Samba/Samba-TNG and LDAP/PDC State?

Doug Douglass samba at
Thu Nov 29 09:44:02 GMT 2001


I'll take a first stab at answering some of your questions.

As a frame of reference, we maintain all unix user/group, and samba domain
info in OpenLDAP 2.x on RH 7.1, using Samba 2.2.1a + LDAP support as PDC.
All Windows clients are domain members and are some version of 2000 (SP2,
Server). Plus we have a couple samba domain members. All authentication is
done against ldap. We are a smal network.

>    - PDC functionality

Samba works great. Samba-TNG works, but I believe the intent with TNG was to
prove the technology not produce a production system.

>    - Replication of SAM database/SID from PDC to BDC

Based on comments from this list, Samba does not properly act as a BDC.

>    - login script support/replication

Samba and TNG should both work fine

>    - Supports trust relationships between domains (NT or samba)

Based on comments from this list, Samba does support domain trusts

>    - Supports global and local groups

Samba supports two domain groups: Domain Admins, and Domain Users. From
having read the TNG docs over time, I believe it supports the full set of
domain groups.

>    - Ability to add and remove machine from the domain

Samba and TNG both do this (must do this for PDC support)

>    - Store SAM database/SID in LDAP?

Samba 2.2.2 has broken LDAP support. We use Samba 2.2.1a from at our site with good results. Note that this
implementation only looks to LDAP for sambaAccount objects.

TNG provides broader LDAP support for domain accounts, domain groups (more?)

>    - Wins server capability

Samba works well. Don't know about TNG.

>    - Able to to support roaming profiles

Samba works well. Don't know about TNG.

>    - Will allow all avaliable versions of windows to join/access the
>      domain.

Read the list. It seems many people have many problems with adding machines
with various Windows OS to a Samba domain. I have not had any difficulty
with 2K, so I leave it to yourself and others to judge.

> What is my best choice.. Samba or Samba-TNG?

One alternative I have heard suggested is combining the two, leveraging the
strengths of each: TNG for PDC (account and group management,
authentication) and Samba for file/print sharing.


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