Samba/Samba-TNG and LDAP/PDC State?

Michael Cunningham archive at
Thu Nov 29 08:17:02 GMT 2001


I am working on converting my entire company over 
to using LDAP for all system authentication and information
storage such as address info..etc. The unix portion 
of the new system is working well. I now need to figure 
out what is the best solution for our windows community. 

It consists of 400+ win95/98/ME/NT 4.0 and most likely soon.. 
Windows XP. Their are many domains throughout the company
and no real standards. We plan on putting all systems in
one or two main domains and implementing many corporate standards. 
In order to accomplish this.. I would like to use Samba/Samba-TNG
to authenticate everything off our LDAP system and have the capability to 
do the following.. (according to my PC guys... I am a Unix guy)

   - PDC functionality
   - Replication of SAM database/SID from PDC to BDC
   - login script support/replication
   - Supports trust relationships between domains (NT or samba)
   - Supports global and local groups
   - Ability to add and remove machine from the domain
   - Store SAM database/SID in LDAP?
   - Wins server capability
   - Able to to support roaming profiles
   - Will allow all avaliable versions of windows to join/access the

What is my best choice.. Samba or Samba-TNG? 

I have done a ton of reading about both products but nothing seems to 
compare and contrast them. Any infomation you can offer will help
make this critical crossroad decision. 

Thanks.. Mike

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