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Martin.Doule Martin.Doule at
Thu Nov 29 05:00:05 GMT 2001

Hi again.

I succesfully migrated few machines from current domain PDC to Samba PDC (same
domain name and SID). But I still have problems with Users RID. I can logon to
domain but the users has deferent RID so they are taken as different users and
has no access to previous profiles or directories with limited security.

I was told that samba calculates RID from UID but it looks like my Samba PDC
gives RANDOM RID when is first asked for user SID.

And another problem which is probably close to previous is, that on machines
that I moved from NT PDC to SAMBA PDC I'm unable to list domain users. It tolds
me that domain either don't exist or cannot be contacted. If I migrate computer
by creating new computer account then this works fine.

And last thins is that suddenly machines are unable to write profiles. It worked
before, on Unix side I tried to  give on that dirs full rights for everyone(!)
but with no success. Bellow is my test smb.conf.

Please have a patience with me and help me to resolve this as I'm unable to
resolve it by myself. I was unable to find any related info on NET and I really
don't wat to migrate more than 200 computers and users one week before chrismas

	log level = 3
	workgroup = PRAGUE
	netbios name = SUPERSAMBA
	server string = PDC samba 2.2.2.
	encrypt passwords = Yes
	large readwrite = Yes
	domain admin group = @ntadm
	logon path = \\supersamba\profile\%U
	domain logons = Yes
	local master = yes
	os level = 34
	domain master = yes
	;wins server =
	wins support = yes
	preferred master = yes

	path = /samba/netlogon
	write list = root, @ntadm

	path = /samba/profile
	read only = No
	create mask = 0600
	directory mask = 0700

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