Error logging into domain (c0000252)

Philip Burrow phil.burrow at
Tue Nov 27 05:48:03 GMT 2001

> We use several Samba servers. On one system we try things out. That system
is a
> Until yesterday we were able to logon to the domain withe a w98, nt4(sp6)
and a w2k
> (sp2) client. We use roaming profiles, smb printservices, etc.But today we
can't logon
> to the domain. Why? We don't know. In our opinion we have not changed
> options.
> It is obvious it has something to do with the workstation, because we can
access the
> domain as workgroup. So usernames and passwords are correct.We have
> the workstations UID from smbpasswd and passwd. We have added the machines
> to the domain with useradd, smbpasswd and on the NT workstation. All
without any
> problem. We have concentrated on an NT4(SP6) workstation. No success
> But what is the problem? I think we miss something very simple, but what.

This sounds exactly like the problem I am getting when using WinXP Pro as
client. I believe it is something trivial I may have changed with the
workstation but like yourself I cannot get it to log on to the domain, but
can get it to join the workgroup, and I have had it working prior to this.

If you find the solution would you please post it here as well!



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