SAMBA set up.... NMDB won't run

Paul Siebers Paul.Siebers at
Mon Nov 26 11:05:28 GMT 2001

Question from a newbie here.  I am building my first Red Hat Linux 7.1
server which I am trying to get to play nicely with the other NT servers in
my network.  I am setting up SAMBA by the book (Red Hat Linux 7.1 Bible),
but I am stuck at a point now where the book doesn't offer suggestions.  I
can configure SAMBA all I want, but I can't get NMBD to run.  If I check the
status I get this reply:
 "could not access xxx..lck file"
When I try to start NMBD manually I get a a nice prompt as a reply, but when
I check the status again, it is still not running.

Can anyone point me in the right direction???


Paul Siebers

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