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I have just tested with the PCL (Primary Login Client) for WinNT and
Win2000 from IBM. The password change works. The PCL is also available for
Maybe this is a solution if Win95 doesn't work from itself.
You can download form
Although they say it's build for OS/2 you can do login to DCE and
Domaincontroler as well (we use it for DCE login today - the NT version!)
Please give feedback if it works.
regards Mathias

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i heard that in HEAD is posible to do that, but only when the client is
NT4_WORKSTATION or superior (XP, Win2k).. with your pacht, this is posible
with Win9x/Me??

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> I have a patch on Samba 2.2.2, that introduces a new parameter "user
> password timeout". If set to zero passwords will never expire. If set to
> any num, passwords will expire after this timeperiode.
> Samba keeps the time of last password change and the patch calculates
this time. For a new user the "last password changed time" is zero, so the
> new user is forced to change his password.
> If the admin changes a user password, may be because the user has
forgotten it, he also can change the LCT- field in smbpasswd again to
00000000 and
> the user has a new password and is force to change it at next login. You
can create a script to do that.
> I will submit the patch to samba-patches in the next days. It is now
availabe on (the patch and a
> Samba 2.2.2 source code distribution with the applied patch).
> Test with Samba on Linux and AIX with W2K and NT4 were successfull.
> please give feedbach if you try it
> regards Mathias
> >Hi Guys
> >
> >In Windows NT server there is an option for the PDC to ask the client f=
> >or a
> >new password/expired password when the user logs on for the first time.=
> >..
> >
> >Is this posible in Samba??
> >
> >If it is how do i configure / add the users in that way??
> >
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> >Ahlgade 3 -=3D- 4300 Holb=E6k -=3D- 59 44 14 90=
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