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Mathias Wohlfarth MathiasWohlfarth at
Thu Nov 22 01:59:03 GMT 2001

I have a patch on Samba 2.2.2, that introduces a new parameter "user
password timeout". If set to zero passwords will never expire. If set to
any num, passwords will expire after this timeperiode.
Samba keeps the time of last password change and the patch calculates from this time. For a new user the "last password changed time" is zero, so the
new user is forced to change his password.
If the admin changes a user password, may be because the user has forgotten it, he also can change the LCT- field in smbpasswd again to 00000000 and
the user has a new password and is force to change it at next login. You can create a script to do that.
I will submit the patch to samba-patches in the next days. It is now availabe on (the patch and a complete
Samba 2.2.2 source code distribution with the applied patch).
Test with Samba on Linux and AIX with W2K and NT4 were successfull.
please give feedbach if you try it
regards Mathias

>Hi Guys
>In Windows NT server there is an option for the PDC to ask the client f=
>or a
>new password/expired password when the user logs on for the first time.=
>Is this posible in Samba??
>If it is how do i configure / add the users in that way??
>Christian Pedersen -=3D- Wallin Computer
>Ahlgade 3 -=3D- 4300 Holb=E6k -=3D- 59 44 14 90=

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