Win2000 shows Linux Client, but cant explore it

Oliver Kroll 320078990805-0001 at
Wed Nov 21 21:59:29 GMT 2001


i try to connect my linux-laptop to my win2000-desktop.
the win2000 shows my linux client by browsing network neighbourhood, but
when i try to browse my linux-laptop, windows throws an error:

cant find networkpath.

when i try to mount a drive from the win2000 desktop on my linux-laptop,
first i get the password-prompt, and after it, samba throws following error:

.... ERRSRV - 2242

i also changed the decrypted - password flag by win2000.

but if i start my desktop with win98 everything is ok, and i could browse
the win98 pc with my linux.

if somebody got an idea, would be greate.

oliver k.
sorry for my bad english...

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