samba for Windows 2000

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Wed Nov 21 14:47:04 GMT 2001

I'm running W2K Advanced Server here; No problems at all. Do
indeed turn off all standard services (which is a good start
from a security point anyway as you system is vulnerable
to every virus that uses IIS 5.0, so you should apply SP2
right away!)


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We have a Win2K Server that is a member of our Samba PDC domain. The typical
steps were required for adding a machine account to the PDC (see samba

The only other issues I've come across were the typical "MS is thinking for
you" kinda default DHCP, DNS, WINS services were all installed
and set to start automatically, which caused a few headaches at first but
were quickly fixed.

Assuming Win2K Advanced Server isn't that much different the regular Win2K
Server, I don't think you should have any problems.

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> > i am new to samba and was wondering, how can the shares in the samba
> > server we be visible or even accessible to a Windows 2000
> advance server?
> To set up Win 2000 as a client in a workgroup, it is basically the same
> as for Windows NT, except that Windows 2000 is different in look
> and feel.  Some things are in different places, and go by different
> names, in the control panels.
> Check your network settings (computer name, workgroup name, IP address,
> netmask, WINS and DNS server, etc.)  These are in the Network...
> and System
> control panels.
> Jay Ts

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