Windows XP and Samba

Olli Fink olli.fink at
Wed Nov 21 01:17:17 GMT 2001

I tried to logon to a SAMBA-PDC with Windows XP:

I did :

Create a machine-account with windowsXP - worked
(my logon is: R3_04 - the machine is called: R3_04)
it created a R3_04$ user in passwd and smbpasswd !!

But then winXP tells me to restart -
I tried to logon but it tells me it can't logon
because either there is no DOMAINCONTROLLER or no
machine acout for this machine.

In samba.log I see "get_md4pw: Workstation r3_04$: no account in domain "

What is the problem ???

Thanks in advance !!

Greetings Olli
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